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The National AIDS Marathon Training Program is geared to both beginners and experienced runners.  The full marathon program starts with three miles of running and walking, and then gradually increases in distance.  The half marathon program starts with just one mile.  Whether you have never run a step, or you are a seasoned marathoner who wants to improve your personal best, this program will help you succeed. It’s a great way to get fit, have fun, and make a tremendous difference in the lives of people living with AIDS.

The money you raise will provide vital AIDS services to help keep people alive until there's a cure.
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Many of our participants are first time marathoners, and some have never run a step in their lives. Whether you're fast or slow, we work to make sure that everyone gets to the finish. We guide you through everything -- from what shoes to buy to advice on nutrition. Whether you're training to complete your first marathon or to improve your personal best, you'll be welcomed and accepted. You'll train at your own pace and have fun doing it.