Top scientifically proven reasons why beer is good for you

beer bottles

If situations get you down to a bottle or two for the weekend, don’t be worried, your hangover wasn’t in vain. Contrary to what most people expect, moderate consumption of beer is beneficial to you. Scientists have proven that moderate beer consumption is actually beneficial to your health alongside the full perks of confidence and skillful dance moves despite a terrible day that you might be having.

This best feeling is best catapulted with tots of best beers and better clubs with class around town like the beer of the month club. Moderateenjoying beer consumption can be a bottle or less for women and two for men, not a drinking spree that knocks you down on every pavement around town while navigating your way to your home. Courage is what most people rush to get from when having a glass, although the feeling gets better of many when they start drinking more than their bodies can handle. It’s always advisable to have control of yourself, and a bottle or two can’t knock you up. So what are these top scientifically proven benefits that will prompt you to think of taking a brew tonight?

It escalates the health of your heart

Beer is just as healthy to the heart as with most beverages. Having a boozy slow wine intake in controlled daily portions is believed to control most cardiovascular-related illnesses as compared to most beverage prescriptions you receive from a cardiovascular specialist. Science proves that wine and beer drinkers stand a 42% better chance of warding off heart-related issues compared to non-drinkers. But those being advised, always be keen on taking a drink with an approximate alcoholic percentage of 5%. So any possibility of deaths resulting from heart attacks are curbed and controlled.

It aids in anxiety and stress control

Anxiety and stress is one factor that highly escalates most of the body problems. You also might start looking more aged than you really are. With the intervention of controlled beer intake of smaller alcohol percentages, say goodbye to stress and anxiety. Amazingly, beer is also known to prevent the risk of having stroke at any moment in time besides its ability to escalate the health of the heart.

Reduces the body calorie percentage

drinking beerWhen you start becoming plump, you obviously won’t miss hearing people calling you fat? This is something that you’ll hardly hear after a shorter period of incorporating controlled intake of beer or wine into your diet. Beer is known to burn excess fat and with the addition of gym workouts, you surely won’t miss that appealing awesome shape you’ve been longing for.